A note about my mascot….

Anyone who knows me knows that there are two men in my life, one of whom I will be marrying next year. The other has four legs and a swooshy tail, and he’s called Harry.

Here’s Harry doing what he does best – looking a bit sleepy. I secretly think he’s a cat – no normal dog sleeps this much!

Now Harry is as much a fan of baking as anyone else I know. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that Harry’s enthusiasm for food outshines even mine, which is saying something. When I bake, he is my constant companion. Ever optimistic, he waits by the kitchen door hoping that I’ll drop something and he can swoop in and get it. He’s always there, he’s my baking mascot.

Harry can usually be found trying to subvert the ‘no dog in the kitchen’ rule by letting a paw stray over the threshold. He thinks its a silly rule.

Now anyone who has a dog, especially a lab, will know how they luuuuurve to eat. So a while back I started making Harry dog treats. Now don’t get me wrong, he eats dog food normally and I also buy treats from the pet shop – he doesn’t get fed Kobe beef of a silver platter or anything. I make him biscuits because I’m a cheapskate and I can make enough dog biccies to last months for £2.50! That is worth 15 minutes of my time every few months.

So baking is something that can be enjoyed by the whole family – everyone likes to lick the spoon!*

Woofs and Cheers

BB x

* This is Harry’s spatula! All for him so that he gets a chance to lick the spoon when I’ve baked him something.


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